Neolithic Pottery from Nestor's Cave in Pylos

Nestor’s Cave contains rich pottery remains that chronologically cover the time span of the Late and Final Neolithic. In addition to recent research within the excavation project at Voidokilia, material from these periods was identified during a brief field research in the cave conducted in the 1950’s by W. A. McDonald, actually with the presence of the Greek prehistorian D. R. Theocharis, within the American mission excavating the Mycenaean palace of Pylos.

We have observed a wide range among the pottery fragments, from pattern-painted bowls, which have become lustrous due to the special content of the slip, rather than mechanical polishing, to more common containers exhibiting painted designs or having applied knobs and bands. The disturbance of the deposits does not allow any association of the fragments with specialized use of space however, which we may assume that would have been domestic, but could have also been ritualistic.


Excavation by A. Sampson (1980) conducted within the University of Athens, Voidokoila program under the direction of Prof. G. S. Korres.

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4th Local Messenian Conference, Kalamata, October 8-11, 2010 (Organizer: Society of Peloponnesian Studies).

Paper: G. Κorres, Α. Sampson & S. Katsarou, The Cave of Nestor at Voidokoilia, Pylos. Synthesis on the history of research and the interpretation of the cave.